Our products reflect a subtle fusion between individual tastes, technical brilliance and modern sophistication. They represent a touch of class and brilliance. We show how gadgets can seamlessly interface with your personal space, enrich the ambience and transform your entertainment perspective. It is all about design and aesthetics. Designs that blend with the intensity of your emotions and diversity of your moods. Flowing forms, smooth shades, dynamic curves. Designs that bring perfection to modern entertainment.

We intend to change your lifestyle perspective. We help you to control your entertainment, information and communication needs by the touch of a button. Devices that provide a perfect match between form, function and fun. Enter the world of G-HANZS. A world which defies traditional boundaries and provides novel expressions to new ideas. We take technology a step beyond the limits of convention.


Future is our destiny. Possibilities are unlimited. At G-HANZS, we believe in embracing the future and share the innovations with you. To bring convenience, confidence and quality into your life. We believe that technology carries the responsibility to make our lives better, brighter and more enjoyable. Innovations should enhance the quality of human life. We put in a lot of efforts into developing new concepts and launching innovative products. We constantly strive to relate them to life around us. Our ideas are a reflection of human experience and expressions. Thatís what makes technology rich and meaningful for us.


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